Lori Edwards, a GREAT Buyers Agent!!

Lori EdwardsMeet Lori Edwards, Buyers Agent for the Bryan Moore Group. Lori offers buyers exclusive representation, and trust us…..you will be grateful to have her in your corner during your purchase. She has impressive house hunting skills and an ability to negotiate like no other. Need to consider if your home will fit your needs in 15 years? Want someone to notice the hidden details that could spell trouble in a home? Looking for someone who can help you see how a home can function for you despite its intended floor plan? Look no further. Call Lori for help with Real Estate in the Triangle area!

Lori comes to us from a background of working in fundraising, volunteering with the Junior League of Raleigh, and buying and selling homes herself. She has an eye for detail like no other, and knows what it takes to get the job done. If you want someone to look at EVERY avenue, for EVERY reason…Lori is your agent. In fact, what we hear most from our clients is that Lori takes into consideration things that they never would have. With a background in remodeling homes with her husband (who did we also mention is a general contractor) you can feel comfortable with Lori’s sound advice when considering that home purchase!

So…if you are looking for someone to be in your corner, or just want to talk about what’s right for you, give Lori a call! Did we mention you won’t regret it?

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Lori Edwards
Bryan Moore Realty Group
RE/MAX Preferred Associates
Cell/Text (919) 272-1520

Think You Don’t Need a Realtor When Buying New Construction?

So….you are out looking at new construction and you pull into the model home of a neighborhood that is currently being built. You go into the sleek, beautifully furnished model complete with top of the line granite and Brazilian hardwoods, and you think “This is it! This is the one!” So you meet with the onsite agent and decide to put an offer in. You’re covered right? Everyone is working in your best interest, right? Think again…

Onsite agents, or builder representatives, represent the builder-which is the seller. They are there to work in the best interest of the builder. They know the floor plans like the backs of their hands, upgrade options and specials available. They serve an important purpose to the buyer during this process, but the thing to keep in mind here is that they are working for the seller. Trust me when I say that you will want someone working for YOU during this process. New construction can be a bit tricky at times which is why you need the help of an experienced Realtor BEFORE you even grace the threshold of that beautiful model home.

Remember that granite and those hardwoods you were so taken with in the model? Oftentimes, they are upgrades! Had you met with your agent before going in to that model home, they could have discussed that with you and determined whether or not it was in your price range.

If you have buyer representation from an experienced Realtor, they have a fiduciary responsibility to you as their client. It’s laid out right there in the buyer agency agreement. You will need someone to look out for you from a financial perspective. You will need someone to explain all of the different clauses, riders and upgrade options to you and how they will affect your bottom line. What about what’s planned for the land surrounding that new home community?

Here at the Bryan Moore Group, we have extensive experience with new construction. Bryan Moore has a construction management degree and worked for a local construction company for a number of years before making the transition to general brokerage. In fact, just last month, he was able to negotiate a better deal for some clients closing on a new construction home by getting them a new refrigerator and some closing costs paid!

If you are looking to purchase new construction give us a call. Remember…you want someone in YOUR corner!